Best Laid Plans…

If you are interested in an encounter, please fill out the form below letting me know how you found me and what you have in mind for us. **Please note: I DO NOT SCHEDULE SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS FOR NEW CLIENTS. Verification is required for all new suitors. However, verification is only required once. **My time is limited and valuable. Only serious inquiries will receive a response.
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You must select and provide at least ONE of the screening options to receive a response.


**Any information provided is always kept strictly confidential. Initial screening information provided by you is for verification ONLY and is deleted after our appointment. Please note, I will ask for your Driver’s License upon arrival to our appointment. I will only add you to my email list for my newsletter with your express consent.

**Any reservations must be secured by a deposit of 1/4 the reservation via Amazon gift card by email. Any cancellations must be secured via Amazon gift card by email. Why? Because life happens. Cancellations occur to due to unforeseen events. A deposit ensures that no one’s time is wasted.

I pride myself on always being refreshed and looking my best for anyone who requests time with me. I only prioritize my time with a select few suitors who have taken the time to arrive prepared for our mutual appointment; i.e. showered and well groomed.  

**My preference always leans towards classic, professional, & refined gentlemen, ladies, & couples. Should you always be mindful to embody those attributes, I will adore spending time with you. Boundary pushers and those who insist upon unsafe practices will never be tolerated. 

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