Be it an hour or a week, we'll discover just what you need...

Whirlwind – 1.5 Hours…700

What’s life without a whirlwind tryst?

Su Renir – 2 Hours…850

In LA, everyone’s in big damn hurry. You deserve a proper meet. Let’s slow down and get to know one another.

Prelude To A Kiss – 3 Hours…1200

Candles, a luxurious bath or any other appeasement you can think of. You and I have a bounty of time for unrushed intimacy.

Pranzo Finale – 4 Hours…1800

Rodeo drive for window shopping or a cultural outing at a museum, any foray is better with an ethnic beauty on your arm. Let’s explore the town…and each other.

Liaison Romantique – 6 Hours…2500

With this much time on our hands we’re bound to uncover the bliss and rhapsody you deserve. Perhaps a night at the Opera is calling our names…then I’ll be calling yours.

Liaison Ultime – 8 Hours…3200

In this town, there’s an abundance of ways we can embark on an otherworldly experience. Mind-altering bliss never to be forgotten.

Tutta La Notte – 12 Hours…5000

Dusk til dawn or dawn til dusk. I’m yours. Day or Night, transformative rapture is ours for the taking to claim however we chose.

Esperienza Di Rahel – 24 Hours…8000

A helicopter to the Bay of San Francisco or the Mountains of Colorado…Bring me anywhere and I’ll take care of your mind, body and soul. Immerse yourself in the true Rahel experience.

Scappatella – 3 Day Getaway…12000

Let’s get out of this town and explore an exotic one instead…from the bliss of a white sand beach to the silent beauty of snow covered mountains. 3 Days of pampering, indulgence and satisfying every want and desire.

Smisurato – 1 Week…25000

Embrace the complete and utter freedom of escaping the city and together, we’ll find your Shangri-La elsewhere. 7 Days of carnal bliss, allowing me to release your stresses and leave your soul in blissful intrepidity.


Your preference of attraction is what makes you unique. How you chose to spend our time together is your prerogative. Here are three ways to savor our encounter. You may select one of these options upon reservation…

Just Me And You

Between the two of us, we can harness a true connection and open communication. While I’m more than willing to follow your lead, I am always ready to take the reigns and teach you something new.


There’s nothing sexier than a loving couple willing to please one another and do whatever it takes to keep each other quenched and satisfied. Go on, have a tantalizing tryst with the one you adore. +20% of our reserved time together.

The Unicorn

There’s a reason Unicorns are coveted. They are rare and everyone secretly wants one. Reserved only for the gender free couple (male couple or female couple) who shares an attraction to like minds and free spirits and wishes to indulge in the presence of a lady. +20% of our reserved time together.
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